World’s first Plant-Based Foods Action Plan Released by Denmark

The European Vegetarian Union (EVU) welcomes the significant step forward taken by the Danish government toward promoting plant-based diets, with the release of its “Action Plan for Plant-Based Foods” on Friday 13 October. This move sets Denmark apart as the first country to develop an extensive action plan dedicated to advancing the production and consumption of plant-based foods. The Vegetarian Society of Denmark (which is a member of the EVU) had hoped the document would be bolder in its content, but has nevertheless recognised the valuable contribution it marks, and welcomes its explicit aim to inspire further countries to follow a similar path.

The action plan addresses various critical areas, including increasing plant-based food consumption in public sector kitchens, professional education, export initiatives, production and processing, agricultural raw materials, and research and development.

Furthermore, the Vegetarian Society of Denmark is actively advocating for a similar plan at the EU level. With Denmark set to assume the Presidency of the Council of the EU in the second half of 2025, they plan to make plant-based food initiatives a top priority within the bloc.

The release of the Action Plan comes after two years of anticipation, following the agreement in October 2021 to create such a comprehensive document. It moreover comes in conjunction with the “Fund for Plant-Based Foods,” which was introduced earlier this year, featuring a significant investment of 100 million Euros and its own unique strategy.

The Vegetarian Society of Denmark will be organising a dedicated webinar on 17 October at 9AM (CET) and aim to provide valuable insights into the Action Plan for Plant-Based Foods and its implications.

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