Three Pillars for a Sustainable European Food System

The European food system and its agricultural policies have, so far, failed to adequately address urgent environmental, animal welfare, climate, and health issues.

Current levels of production and consumption of animal-based products are unsustainable, negatively affecting the health of both humans and animals, as well as the environment, climate, and resource availability.

The EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is one of the key political instruments used to steer the direction of agricultural policies in Europe. The CAP entered a phase of negotiation for post-2020 reforms, although these have in 2024 still not come to fruition in any impactful way.


Three Pillars for a Sustainable European Food System


The EVU reiterates its call for a fundamental policy shift aimed at reducing livestock production and the consumption of animal-based products, while simultaneously boosting the production of plant-based products for human consumption. This vision requires EU policymakers to set ambitious goals, implement impactful measures, and put into place clear timelines towards reducing the dependency on animal-based products.

Reflecting on a largely unchanged scenario and the continued relevance of our arguments, the EVU’s ‘Three Pillars for a Sustainable European Food System’ policy paper continues to stand as a valid and vital proposal. The position paper, while established for the EU mandate 2019-2024, effectively highlights the urgency for transformative change in the EU’s food and agricultural policy landscape.

For a comprehensive look into our policy proposals and recommendations for the next EU mandate (2024-2029), please refer to our Plant-Based Manifesto.