Plant-based Sustainable Public Procurement: Best Practices

The current dietary trends in Europe have led to health problems and environmental deterioration, demanding immediate attention to align with global climate goals.

Shifting towards plant-based diets offers a significant opportunity for the European Union and its Member States to address these challenges.

Research demonstrates that emphasising plant-centric diets can substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve human health. This transition aligns with the EU Farm to Fork Strategy and the Beating Cancer Plan.

Leveraging public procurement as a tool to promote sustainable and healthy food choices is crucial for driving this dietary shift.

This report delves into the benefits of introducing more plant-based options in collective catering, showcasing existing sustainable initiatives that can drive transformative change.

Explore the Plant-based Sustainable Public Procurement Best Practices available in these countries. Click on each country to view relevant infosheets.

  • The EVU urges EU Institutions to implement minimum sustainability standards for public procurement.

  • The EVU advocates for a recommendation that 80% of public canteens’ budgets be allocated to plant-based foods.