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About EVU

EVU is the voice of the growing number of Europeans choosing plant-based products over animal-based nutrition.
EVU puts vegetarian issues on the
European political agenda

Several vegan meat and diary alternatives


More and more people in Europe choose plant-based products over animal-based nutrition, occasionally or permanently.
Almost all big supermarket chains list veggie meat and dairy alternatives.

EU Legislation

EVU works toward greater recognition of vegetarian issues in policy decisions. We support and represent our members on the European level.

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Climate & Environment

The way Europeans eat, has a significant impact on the climate and the environment. Plant-based diets can help to reduce the environmental footprint of our food choices.

Latest News

Farm to Fork and a methane report

The week of October 18 was of enormous consequence for the European Union’s food and agricultural systems. In the span of four days, Parliament voted on reports on the EU Farm to Fork strategy and the EU methane strategy.

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Letting go of ham in Denmark

Denmark has shown us that meaningful legislation can be implemented that has the potential to create a sustainable agricultural sector and shift diets towards plant-based proteins.

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About us

The European Vegetarian Union (EVU) is the umbrella organisation of vegan and vegetarian associations and societies throughout Europe. Its main areas of focus are health, nutrition, consumer protection, sustainability and environmental issues.

EVU is the voice of the growing number of Europeans choosing plant-based products over animal-based nutrition. The EVU puts vegetarian issues on the European political agenda.

EVU is the background organisation for the V-Label, a standardised voluntary European certification scheme with the aim of easy identification of vegetarian and vegan products and services.

Through membership in the International Vegetarian Union EVU is an active part of the worldwide community.


EVU membership is open to any non-profit group in Europe whose primary purpose is to promote vegetarianism and veganism. Any society, association, or organisation advocating for plant-based diets and lifestyles can join as an associate member. For more information on the application process and membership fees, please use our contact form.

Our Members

Find our full list of EVU-Members here.

Vegetarische Union Österreich
Vegane Gesellschaft Österreich
Ethisch Vegetarisch Alternatief (EVA) vzw
Tutmonda Esperantista Vegetarana Asocio (TEVA)
Bulgarian Veg Society
Prijatelji zivotinja (Animal Friends Croatia)
Česká společnost pro výživu a vegetariánství o.s. (ČSVV)
Dansk Vegetarisk Forening
Association Végétarienne de France
ProVeg Deutschland e.V.
Vegetarische Initiative e.V.
Vegetarian Society of the UK
Öko-völgy Alapítvány (Eco Valley Foundation)
Vegetarian Society of Ireland
Associazione Vegan Animalista (AVA)
Nederlandse Vegetariërsbond
Norsk vegansamfunn (Norwegian Vegan Society)
Associação Vegetariana Portuguesa (AVP)
Centro Vegetariano
Sociedade Portuguesa de Naturalogia
Eurasian Vegetarian Society (EVS)
Sloboda za Zivotinje (Freedom for animals)
Humanitarno društvo Hrana za življenje (Food for Life Slovenija/Europe)
Pasiflora, Asoc. Vegetariana Canaria
Unión Vegetariana Española (UVE)
Svenska Vegetariska Föreningen (SVF)
Türkiye Vegan Derneği (TVD)
Česká veganská společnost (ČVS)
Grønn Framtid
EcoVegAnimals (EVA)
Životinje bez granica (Animals without Borders)
Vegan France Interpro
Hellenic Vegetarian Association
Green REV Institute

Our Team

Felix Hnat

Vienna / Austria

CEO at Vegane Gesellschaft Österreich

Sebastian Joy

Vice President
Berlin / Germany

CEO at ProVeg International

Ronja Berthold

Head of Public Affairs
Berlin / Germany

Lobbying for the vegetarian movement

Renato Pichler

Board Member
Winterthur / Switzerland

CEO at Swissveg and V-Label GmbH

Johannes Gilli

Vienna / Austria

Country Coordinator V-Label Austria

Simone Fuhrmann

Board Member
Zürich / Switzerland

Deputy Managing Director at Swissveg

Annemarie Ijkema

Board Member
Brussels / Belgium

V-Label & EVU Marketing & Communications Volunteer

Olivia Ladinig

General Secretary
Vienna / Austria

Supporting the vegan movement

Lubomir Stoyanov

Board Member
Bulgaria / Germany


Francesco Maurelli

Board Member
Bremen / Germany


John McElfresh

Assistant Public Affairs
Erfurt / Germany


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