Plant-Based Politics: the 2024 EU Election Guide

In Plant-based Politics: the 2024 EU Election Guide, the European Vegetarian Union has compiled the largest survey of its kind, collecting answers from over 50 political parties across Europe on where they stand on plant-based policy issues. 

The report looks at the answers Europarties and national political parties (from Austria, Belgium, Czechia, Denmark, France, Germany, Poland, and Spain) submitted to a questionnaire based on the policy recommendations made in the Plant-Based Manifesto.

The questions asked ranged from financial incentives to health and environmental issues, to subsidies and the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). 

The Plant-based Politics: the 2024 EU Election Guide aims to provide voters, stakeholders, and policymakers with a clearer understanding of the political landscape regarding plant-based policy solutions. By highlighting areas of political consensus as well as topics that are not yet widely addressed, this report serves as a crucial tool for informed decision-making. The comprehensive survey results enable a better grasp of where various political parties stand, in turn making for more informed and effective advocacy for sustainable food policies across Europe.

Click here to download the report.

The report was unveiled and presented during a roundtable debate on 15/05/2. 

You can watch the online event here.