EVU and other organisations are advocating for a more sustainable, plant-based EU promotion policy for farm and food products

The EU currently uses millions of taxpayer euros for campaigns promoting European agri-food products. This promotion programme aims at supporting the competitiveness of EU food products through increasing their consumption.

The downside to this: At times of the climate crisis and public health problems due to overconsumption of animal-based protein, the programme heavily supports meat and dairy foods. As reported earlier, research from Greenpeace showed that between 2016 and 2019 over € 250 million were spent on campaigns for the promotion of meat and dairy.

The way it is currently used, the programme undermines the Union’s sustainability efforts as envisioned in the Farm to Fork Strategy, for example. The Strategy acknowledges the necessary shift towards more plant-based foods and diets in order to make Europe’s food system more sustainable in every aspect. 

As the European Commission is currently re-evaluating this programme, we encourage the institutions to stop using subsidies to promote over consumed, high impact livestock foods and instead focus on promoting the transition to plant-based diets. 

Interested citizens and organisations can give feedback on the programme here.

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