NAHhaft e.V. launches PlantEurope Network

The PlantEurope Network aims to connect actors in the plant-based diet field to share and exchange on best practices and policies.

From now on the newly initiated PlantEurope Network by NAHhaft e.V. brings together actors in the field of a plant-based diet and alternative proteins from all over Europe, offers most recent practical and scientific information, best-practices and political recommendations as well as organizes networking events for discussion and fruitful exchange.

The PlantEurope network invites start-ups, organizations, associations, researchers, flagship initiatives as well as stakeholders within the gastronomy and communal catering sector to network with other pioneers and to accelerate the shift towards a predominantly plant-based
diet. The membership is free of charge. During the course of the project three online panel discussions offer network members and interested parties an in-depth look at different aspects of a plant-based diet. Network members also benefit from numerous smaller events such as speed dating and bilateral meetings for finding support and spurring cooperation ideas.

Furthermore, an online community created for this purpose enables constant direct exchange between interested parties, encouraging them to network, receive advice, share knowledge, develop ideas, engage in matchmaking processes and learn from each other. In addition, the network website offers helpful tools, important publications and contacts as well as exciting project ideas supporting the implementation of a
plant-based diet.

Accompanying research on innovative best-practices and existing political strategies promoting a plant-based diet round off the activities of the network.

The project is funded by the Federal Environment Ministry for the Environment and Consumer Protection within the framework of the European Environment Initiative EURENI for 2.5 years. The European vegetarian Union is, among other organizations, a partner of the project.

About NAHhaft
NAHhaft e.V. is an independent and non-profit research and consulting organization and is committed to the socio-ecological orientation of food systems. We research strategies on how food systems can be made sustainable, promote awareness of healthy and sustainable nutrition, advise municipalities and community catering on sustainable food supply and promote dialogue and networking.

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