EVU urges unity and support for the green transition amid European Parliament political shift

Following the recent European elections, the political landscape in Brussels has been significantly altered. The elections are expected to result in a potential weakening of the Green Deal majority. Despite the political shifts, the alliance between socialists, liberals and centre-right can continue to hold as it has done over the last mandate and should ensure the next Commission stands up for the green transition. The European Vegetarian Union (EVU) continues to highlight the urgency of prioritising sustainable policies, especially when it comes to food security, environmental protection, job creation, agricultural sustainability and innovation – issues outlined in the comprehensive Plant-Based Manifesto, published ahead of the elections.

The EVU calls on political parties and groups to find common ground on the issues that can lead to a more sustainable and resilient Europe. The Plant-Based Politics: 2024 EU Election Guide findings demonstrate a general positive trend towards implementing policy initiatives that prioritise sustainable production and consumption. In particular, the implementation of a polluter-pays principle in which environmentally unfriendly practices would pay higher taxes was a topic which received wide support. Applying changes to the Common Agricultural Policy – in particular implementing binding targets to improve the environmental, climate and human health impact of the policy, proved popular amongst parties across Europe.

“The recent elections have undoubtedly reshaped the political dynamics in Brussels,” said Rafael Pinto, Policy Manager at the EVU. “However, the climate crisis remains an urgent reality that isn’t going anywhere. Our Plant-Based Manifesto provides practical policy recommendations that can help guide Europe towards a more sustainable, secure, and economically resilient future.”

‘’The Green Deal which European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen had presented back in 2019, was made fragile ahead of the elections in anticipation of a surge to the right. However, that hasn’t quite happened, and so we call for the ambitious policies of the Green Deal to be put back on the table,’’ added Rafael Pinto.

The Plant-Based Manifesto presents a clear framework for addressing critical issues such as environmental protection, food security, and job creation.

As Europe navigates the dual challenges of political uncertainty and environmental urgency, the EVU will continue advocating for the policy recommendations of the Plant-Based Manifesto, and will look forward to discussing with the incoming Members of the European Parliament how the production and consumption of plant-based foods can play a vital role in mitigating some of the challenges the climate emergency is forcing us to face.

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