EVU urges stronger action on sustainable agriculture and food consumption at EU Green Week

The European Vegetarian Union (EVU) recently attended the EU Green Week conference, which brought together influential voices from politics, business, NGOs, and academia to discuss the imperative need for a sustainable transition. As the annual conference that drives the conversation on the EU Green Deal, this event served as a platform to emphasise the crucial role of sustainable agriculture and food consumption in achieving a Net-Zero World.

During the two-day event, several speakers underscored the significance of dietary changes towards plant-based foods as a powerful means to reach our climate targets. In particular, the EVU welcomes the recognition of the potential of tools like public procurement in promoting this shift. By prioritising sustainable and plant-based food options, we can significantly reduce the environmental impact associated with food production and consumption.

However, the EVU stresses the importance of a more in-depth discussion surrounding the Farm-to-Fork strategy, which is currently lagging in its implementation. Additionally, the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is jeopardising our climate targets and the overall effectiveness of the Green Deal. The EVU urges policymakers to address these concerns promptly to ensure the successful realisation of our sustainability goals.

One notable aspect of this year’s EU Green Week was the commitment to sustainability demonstrated by all food served at the event, which was entirely vegetarian. This conscious choice significantly lowered the carbon footprint associated with the conference, setting a positive example for future events of this nature. The EVU calls on the European Commission to follow suit and promote a reduction in Europeans’ dietary footprints through its policies and initiatives. By encouraging and supporting a shift towards plant-based diets, we can make substantial progress in mitigating climate change and achieving a more sustainable future for all.

The EVU recognises that achieving a Net-Zero World cannot be accomplished without addressing the interconnected issues of sustainable agriculture and food consumption. As the leading voice for vegetarianism and veganism in Europe, we remain committed to collaborating with stakeholders across all sectors to drive meaningful change and create a healthier, more environmentally-friendly future.

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