More funding for Research and Innovation on plant-based and cultured animal products

On the 26 September, EVU and other organisations wrote a joint letter addressed to the European Commission. The letter illustrates reasons for providing significant funding for Research and Innovation (R&I) on plant-based and cultured meat, eggs, dairy and seafood.

As part of Horizon Europe, the 9th Framework Programme for R&I in the period of 2021-2027, the NGO coalition asks for 5 billion euros to be allocated to plant-based and cultured substitutes. The European Union has the potential to take the lead in research in the field of alternative proteins, considering that this is a key component in the transition to a sustainable food system.

Less than two months later, Carlos Moedas, European Commissioner for Research and Innovation at the time, responded. He underlined the fact that the European Commission is “fully aware of the growing pressure of the global environment and health caused by our overconsumption of animal protein”. He recognised the unsustainable character of the animal-protein diets and agreed that more funding for alternative proteins is needed. However, a concrete commitment or further details on the support from the Commission were missing in the response.

EVU welcomes the Commissioner’s response. It is an important signal showing that this topic has found its way in the EU’s policies. Nevertheless, we will stay active in the continuing process and remind the Commission of the imperative of increasing the funding for alternatives to animal proteins in terms of climate protection and health, especially with regards to the newly instated leadership of the institution.

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