The EVU welcomes cross-party support for Plant-Based Manifesto

The European Vegetarian Union (EVU) has welcomed the endorsement of the Plant-Based Manifesto by a broad spectrum of European leaders, candidates and members of the European Parliament, policymakers and researchers. The manifesto outlines detailed policy recommendations for EU policymakers ahead of the 2024 elections, aiming to guide the EU towards a sustainable and more plant-based future. With objectives like increasing plant protein in European diets and reforming agricultural policies, the manifesto aims to represent a significant step towards environmental sustainability as well as public health improvement.

High-profile signatories from across the political landscape, including members of the European Parliament, National MPs, city representatives, and researchers, demonstrate wide-reaching support for the manifesto’s vision. Notable endorsements have come from figures such as MEP Tilly Metz (Group of the Greens, Luxembourg), MEP Anja Hazekamp (The Left Group, Netherlands), MEP Sirpa Pietikäinen (EPP, Finland), MEP Francisco Guerreiro (Group of the Greens, Portugal), MEP Kira Marie Peter-Hansen (Group of the Greens, Denmark), MEP Caroline Roose (Group of the Greens, France) and MEP Pascal Durand (Independent, France) highlighting cross-party and Europe-wide appeal and the recognition of the urgency to reform Europe’s food systems.

The EVU urges politicians, candidates, policymakers, and researchers to share and sign the Manifesto, emphasising the collective responsibility to adopt and implement its recommendations for a healthier, more sustainable Europe. This unified approach underscores the critical importance of transitioning towards plant-based solutions to address the pressing challenges of climate change and food security.

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