Agriculture in Numbers – FAO Statistical Yearbook 2021

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) recently published its Statistical Yearbook 2021, which takes a look at the development of the food and agriculture sector worldwide. As EVU we are diving into numbers of animal food vs plant food production and their various implications.

Looking back on 2021

As a busy 2022 starts, we take a moment to look back on the highlights of 2021, some of which will accompany us in this year, too.

Letting go of ham in Denmark

Denmark has shown us that meaningful legislation can be implemented that has the potential to create a sustainable agricultural sector and shift diets towards plant-based proteins.

Insect Agriculture – a critical analysis

With a view to the knowledge gaps and the questionable effects and uses of insect farming, the EU should rather promote and concentrate on the transition towards a plant-based food system. 

2021 IPCC Report

The IPCC report emphasizes the threat of climate change. Switching to plant-based diets and sustainable farming play important roles in reducing emissions.