Plant-based producers file legal challenge against ‘meaty’ term ban

In a significant legal challenge, key French producers of plant-based meat alternatives, including Umiami, La Vie, Nutrition & Santé, HappyVore, and Accro, filed, on Friday 22nd March, an interim injunction with the Conseil d’Etat against France’s latest decree banning ‘meaty’ terms for plant-based foods. Interim injunctions serve to prevent unfairness while awaiting a trial by […]

European Climate Risk Assessment report calls for shift to Plant-based diets

The European Vegetarian Union (EVU) welcomed the publication of the first European Climate Risk Assessment report by the European Environment Agency (EEA) at the request of the European Commission, which alerts to the climate risks facing Europe and the need to urgently implement policies to better prepare the continent. The report is yet one more […]

Europe’s largest pork exporter found guilty of greenwashing

Danish Crown, Europe’s largest pork exporter, has been found guilty of using misleading climate advertising, marking a significant victory for the Vegetarian Society of Denmark (DVF) following a court decision in by the Western High Court in Viborg, Denmark. This ruling emphasises the urgency for transparency in the food industry’s environmental claims and challenges the […]

The EVU welcomes cross-party support for Plant-Based Manifesto

The European Vegetarian Union (EVU) has welcomed the endorsement of the Plant-Based Manifesto by a broad spectrum of European leaders, candidates and members of the European Parliament, policymakers and researchers. The manifesto outlines detailed policy recommendations for EU policymakers ahead of the 2024 elections, aiming to guide the EU towards a sustainable and more plant-based […]

Veganism determined a protected belief by Danish court

In a landmark decision, a municipal court in Denmark has determined that veganism falls under the protection of belief as outlined in Article 9 of the European Convention on Human Rights. The Hjorring court was ruling on a lawsuit initiated by the Vegetarian Society of Denmark and recognised that acts denying access to plant-based foods […]

Backtracking on climate ambitions to hurt farmers

As the European Union gears up for the June 2024 elections, the future of the European Green Deal hangs in the ballot. The European Commission has taken steps that weaken the ambitions of the Green Deal and other key EU legislation. The recent dilution of environmental standards in the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), underscores a […]

No more waffling, Belgian Presidency needs to walk the talk on a plant-based strategy

We recently welcomed the start of the Belgian Presidency to the European Union, an important period in legislative terms which will moreover coincide with the electoral campaign and European election. With the responsibility of leading Europe towards a set of potentially polarising elections, and advancing files such as the Protein Strategy, we raise the question: […]