EVU calls on Ursula von der Leyen to uphold Green Deal and Farm2Fork

With 401 votes in favour, Ursula von der Leyen has just been re-elected as President of the European Commission. The European Vegetarian Union ( EVU) has sent her a congratulations letter calling for the uphold of the Green Deal and Farm2Fork Strategy. The latter was absent from her political guidelines for the mandate, presented this […]

Belgian Presidency of the EU urge focus on plant protein availability and diversification

The European Vegetarian Union broadly welcomed the conclusions drawn from the recent meeting of the Ministers of Agriculture and Fisheries under the Belgian Presidency on 24 June 2024. The meeting, which aimed to discuss the future of agriculture and fisheries in the EU, recognised the need to enhance the availability and diversification of plant protein […]

Farm2Flop: How the last mandate was an empty plate for sustainability

In December 2019, the launch of the Farm to Fork Strategy, part of the EU Green Deal, gave many of us hope for the future. While the strategy lacked some clear targets for climate and failed to propose measures to address the livestock industry or dietary changes, it nevertheless represented a significant step forward. A […]

Opinion: Farmers and the plant-based transition: unlikely partners or perfect pair?

The agricultural sector is crucial to Europe’s heritage, supporting communities, generating employment, and providing food on our tables. But farmers are expressing anger and frustration over a range of reasons, from unfair trading practices and bureaucracy to environmental measures – as demonstrated by the recent waves of protests across the European bloc. Opinions are increasingly […]

Upcoming Webinar: European parties’ views on the future of food policy

The European Vegetarian Union (EVU) will host a webinar on 15 May at 10:30 CET, unveiling the upcoming report “Plant-based Politics: the 2024 EU Election Guide.” The event will feature insights from European political parties and Europarties on plant-based solutions and food policy recommendations. The discussions will focus on the Farm2Fork Strategy and the Plant-Based […]

Plant-based producers file legal challenge against ‘meaty’ term ban

In a significant legal challenge, key French producers of plant-based meat alternatives, including Umiami, La Vie, Nutrition & Santé, HappyVore, and Accro, filed, on Friday 22nd March, an interim injunction with the Conseil d’Etat against France’s latest decree banning ‘meaty’ terms for plant-based foods. Interim injunctions serve to prevent unfairness while awaiting a trial by […]

European Climate Risk Assessment report calls for shift to Plant-based diets

The European Vegetarian Union (EVU) welcomed the publication of the first European Climate Risk Assessment report by the European Environment Agency (EEA) at the request of the European Commission, which alerts to the climate risks facing Europe and the need to urgently implement policies to better prepare the continent. The report is yet one more […]