What we do

The general interest in vegetarian, vegan or plant-based lifestyles is gaining momentum everywhere. A variety of reasons contribute to this development, including health concerns, continuing food scandals, environmental impact and compassion for animals.

At a time when diet recommendations are popular and changing continually, it is especially important to provide decision-makers with reliable information and support and encourage them in creating change towards a more healthy and sustainable way of life. The EVU aims to do just that.

The main activities of the EVU are:

  • To lobby governments, European institutions and organisations for greater recognition of vegetarian issues in policy decisions;
  • To support and represent member societies on a European level, and to offer a platform for close cooperation;
  • To raise public awareness of, and promote vegetarianism, vegetarian issues and the benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle;
  • To further promote the successful V-Label scheme, in the interest of all vegetarian and vegan consumers across Europe.

The EVU currently represents national member organisations from 25 countries. It is  politically, ethnically and religiously neutral, independent and autonomous.