Benefits of your EVU membership

Benefits of your EVU membership:


A) Lobbying on your behalf

Does your organization wish to lobby about vegetarian and vegan issues on European level, but do you lack the resources to make it happen by yourself? If you’re part of the vegetarian and vegan movement, the European Vegetarian Union  is already lobbying on your behalf.

Did you know:
• 40,000 people work at the European Institutions
• 15,000-30,000 lobbyists and 2,600 interest groups target them

The European Vegetarian Union is recognised by the EU Institutions as the leading advocate for vegetarian and vegan food on EU policy.  All the more reason to get involved.

The European Vegetarian Union (EVU) believes we stand stronger by uniting our strengths. EVU members are getting involved in EVU’s lobbying activities, from our work to come to a binding European definition on vegan and vegetarian food labelling to our efforts to include plant-based dairy alternatives in the European Milk Scheme.

B) Professional lobbyists

Our professional lobbyists Jens Karsten, Ronja Berthold and Felix Domke are in close contact with key persons involved in the EU legislation process, including Members of the European Parliament, officials of the European Commission, officials of the Permanent Representations of the Member States, etc.

Transparency is crucial in EVU’s lobbying strategy. Our position papers are available on our websites and members will be informed first in order to directly contribute to drafting EVU’s position papers.

C) Improvements for animals, environment and health

The main lobbying objective of EVU is to influence the European legislator in favour of vegetarian and vegan issues. EU food legislation needs to improve for the animals, the environment and the health and wellbeing of lving beings worldwide.


EVU members are regularly informed about latest activities and news about vegan and vegetarian issues on an European level. EVU members receive a two-monthly regular internal e-newsletter and are invited to EVU meetings and seminars.


The EVU secretariat will support members to get access to their national decision makers in the European Parliament.


We believe in the power of a strong vegan and vegetarian network in Europe. Almost each European country has national and regional plant-based organizations, foundations, working groups and companies. Your organization or company can contribute directly to the work of EVU by taking part of in our European meetings, seminars, trainings and exchange projects, etc…

    • be part of the organization of seminars, training in Brussels and in different EU Member State for vegan and vegetarian activists in Europe and beyond. The topics of the trainings range from advocacy and lobbying to effective communication and European fundraising.
    • be part of a network of established and new vegan and vegetarian organizations and companies all over Europe. Get in touch, learn from eachothers best practices and even exchange international volunteers with some support the European Commission.  It is one of the objectives of EVU is to build a big vegan/vegetarian family of organizations, experts and companies all over Europe, all building together on a plant-based future.

EVU will apply for several EU funds. As a EVU member you are able to be a partner in these applications. More information will be given only to  EVU-members in the internal newsletter and in our meetings.