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the vegetarian starter kit

The 3-Step Way - Becoming a Vegetarian

If you are making the switch to a vegetarian diet for its health benefits, you’ll be pleased to find that there is a wonderful additional benefit to vegetarian eating: it’s delicious and fun to explore new foods. A vegetarian meal can be as familiar as spaghetti with marinara sauce, as comforting as a bowl of rich, creamy carrot soup, or exotic like Caribbean black beans with marinated tomatoes in the recipe section.

The switch to a vegetarian diet is easier than you might think. Most people, whether vegetarians or meat-eaters, typically use a limited variety of recipes; the average family eats only eight or nine different dinners repeatedly. You can use a simple, three-step method to come up with nine vegetarian dinner menus that you enjoy and can prepare easily.

First, think of three vegetarian meals that you already enjoy. Common ones are vegetable stir-fry, vegetable soup, or pasta primavera. Second, think of three recipes that you prepare regularly that can easily be adapted to a vegetarian menu. For example, a favorite chili recipe can be made with all of the same ingredients; just replace the meat with beans or texturized vegetable protein. Substitute bean burritos (using canned vegetarian refried beans) instead of beef burritos. Many soups, stews, and casseroles also can be made into vegetarian dishes with a few simple changes. Finally, check out some vegetarian cookbooks from the library and experiment with the recipes for a week or so until you find three that are delicious and easy to make. Just like that, with minimal changes to your menus, you will have nine vegetarian dinners.

After that, coming up with vegetarian options for breakfast and lunch is easy. Try muffins with fruit spread, cholesterol-free French toast, or cereal for breakfasts. Sandwiches, with spreads like hummus or white bean pate‚ with lemon and garlic, pasta salads, or even dinner leftovers make great lunches.


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