Unione Vegetariana Europea

A Universal Vegetarian Symbol

The "European V-Label"

The idea of launching one symbol for vegetarianism world-wide has been around for quite a while. William Pick, founder and President of the Jewish Vegetarian Society, tried to spread a universal vegetarian symbol in 1976.

The current 'V'-label was created by the Italian artist Prof. Bruno Nascimben (Castenaso) and was presented for world-wide use at the EVU Congress 1985 in Cervia, Italy. Many vegetarian and vegan societies have since adopted the 'V'-label and it has become the most widely used vegetarian symbol world-wide.

The market for vegetarian products and meat alternatives is growing rapidly and there is obviously a need to help consumers identify these products. The legal registration of the label started in 1996 in Switzerland and has been used since then on products from the biggest Swiss super-market-chain.

The logical consequence was to have the label registered all over the Europe, and this started in 1997. The 'V'-label is registered in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Great Britain, Denmark, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Finland, France, Germany, Norway, Poland; Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland and many others...

Since then, a lot of work has been done for the elaboration of rules, conditions and many other requirements for the use of the symbol. A portal for all information about the label can be found here: www.v-label.info


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