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EVU Talks 2007: The veggie answer to global hunger

Statement by the European Vegetarian Union

Following a debate about the problem of global hunger, it is declared that vegetarianism offers the possibility of considerably alleviating the growing threat.

Feeding large percentages of available human food crops to farm animals is unethical and represents a blatant lack of solidarity with the hungry

The existing water shortage is aggravated by ever-larger quantities of water being used for animal husbandry, leaving less for crops

The present high production of meat is uneconomical and can only be maintained with huge financial subsidies, leading to harsh social injustice.

The FAO report "Livestock's long shadow" states that livestock farming already generates almost a fifth of greenhouse gases, which are expected to raise the average temperature. Global warming leads to droughts, failing harvests and even more hardship for the poor.

The artificial extension of the food chain due to the transformation of grain into meat causes a huge waste of resources.

The European Vegetarian Union demands that:

A healthy life without meat is possible, beneficial for the environment and allows a fairer distribution of natural riches. Any policy pretending that the consumption of meat has to be the social norm is rejected.

Vienna, 1 May 2007

Renato Pichler

European Vegetarian Union (EVU)

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Josphat Ngonyo, Kenya
>Africa Network for Animal Welfare

>AgireOra Network, Italy
Italian Network for animal-rights activism

Dr.Sandeep K.Jain, India
Chief Coordinator,
>Care of Animals & Protection of Environment-India(CAPE-India)

Dawn Moncrief
Executive Director
> Farm Animal Reform Movement (FARM)

>Jewish Vegetarians of North America (JVNA)

>Jews for Animal Rights

Dr. Helmut F. Kaplan, Austria
Philosopher and author

Dr. Kurt Simons
>Menschen für Tierrechte -
Bundesverband der Tierversuchsgegner e.V.
Roermonder Str. 4a, D - 52072 Aachen

David Cantor , US
Founder and executive director
>Responsible Policies for Animals

Marius-Cristian Vasilescu, Romania
>Romanian Vegetarian Society

Barbara Ruetting
Member of the Bavarian State Parliament
Honorary Board Member European Vegetarian Union

> Project, Italy

Mahesh Agarwal, India
Secretary and Chief Executive Officer
> Sahayog, India

Richard H. Schwartz, USA
Jewish Vegetarians of North America

Nandita Shah, India

>Società Scientifica di Nutrizione Vegetariana-SSNV, Italy

>Society of Ethical and Religious Vegetarians (SERV)

Ulla Troëng
> Swedish Vegan Society

>Swiss Union for Vegetarianism (SVV)

Revd Lynne Chitty, UK
>Three Counties Ecumenical Prayer group

David Román
> Unión Vegetariana Española (Spanish Vegetarian Union)

Peter Lake
>Vegetarian For Life (UK)
Vegetarian Housing Association (UK)

Mike Maybury VIP, UK
>Vegetarian Information, Portsmouth

>Vegetarian Society (Singapore)

>Vegetarian Union of North America (VUNA) )

Hildegund Scholvien, Germany
2. Vorsitzende
>Vegetarierbund-Deutschlands e.V. (VEBU)

Patrick Smith
>Veggies Catering Campaign

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>VeggieJews, USA

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>Vegi-Info Belgium

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> Visakha SPCA , India


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