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Choosing a more ethical way to eat

Some think vegetarianism a lifestyle choice but one author says there are good environmental reasons for it, writes Sherrill Nixon.


Thanksgiving, Vegetarian-Style


Strict vegans in India: Aryans -5000 year old tribe still on a vegan diet

There are about 1,000 descendants of the Aryan tribes and they live scattered around Gilgit, Hunza, Kargil and Leh. Being nature worshippers, they celebrate the Bononah (nature) festival and are strict vegans, which means they are not only strictly vegetarian but also don't consume milk or milk products...


Vegan Diet Good for Type 2 Diabetes

A vegan diet may do a better job of reducing cardiovascular disease in diabetic patients than a diet recommended by the American Diabetes Association (ADA), according to a new study....


Vegetarian shares the virtues of vegetables

Mom was right about eating your vegetables. Studies have shown that a low-calorie, high-nutrition diet of vegetables can stave off cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and certain cancers, said Brian Higginson, a registered dietician at Swedish Medical Center......


Sports nutrition guidelines for the vegetarian

Eat better, perform better


Australia: RSCPA reformers push vegan diets

A radical push has been staged within the RSPCA to endorse vegan diets as the best way to prevent cruelty to farmed animals....



Hunger in the world

World Food Day 2008: Vegetarianism against global hunger

Common Press Release


FAO: Political, financial push urged to end hunger

Rome ceremony celebrates World Food Day


September 23 is Earth Overshoot Day

Globally, we now require the equivalent of 1.4 planets to support our lifestyles


Petition to the UN and FAO:



The risks of meat, milk and fish

China milk victims may have doubled to over 90,000

The toll of Chinese children ill from toxic milk formula may have nearly doubled since the Health Ministry's last public count, local media reports show...

China pulls some eggs amid new food safety scare

Authorities said Wednesday they were investigating how eggs distributed by a Chinese company came to be tainted with the same industrial chemical at the center of a dairy scandal that sickened tens of thousands of babies.

Dolphin meat bad for the health, say Japanese scientists

Japanese diners who enjoy tucking into dolphin meat are putting their health at risk, as well as courting international condemnation.

USA: Why Mercury Tuna Is Still Legal

The Bush FDA helped industry suppress the bad news about mercury. Still want fish for dinner?


Meat and the environment

USA: Want fries with that budget crisis?

The amount of water consumed because of America’s meat habit is staggering. Over half the total amount of water consumed in the United States goes to irrigate land growing feed for livestock

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MEAT - the huge burden on ecology, health and humanity

The September 2008 EVANA compilation


Climate Change Report Calls for Mandatory Meat Rationing

Calls for government to set consumption targets for meat, dairy, alcohol, and other food products


British researchers confirm that too much meat in our diet is leading to climate catastrophe

British researchers are suggesting that those of us in the world’s developed nations limit our weekly intake of meat to only four modest portions—and milk to just one liter—if we are to avoid “runaway” climate change.


Meat by numbers

8 ---> The number of beef cattle we eat over an average lifetime. We also consume 36 sheep, 36 pigs and 550 poultry birds.
Britons' meat consumption is now 50 per cent higher than it was 40 years ago....


EU Study: Nature loss 'dwarfs bank crisis'

Losses are great, and continuous, says the report



Animal protection

Austria: DNA-Tests prove innocence of Animal Activists

No matches between DNA samples taken from animal protectionist prisoners and those found at crime scenes


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Celebrities for animals and vegetarianism

Brigitte Bardot writes to Sarah Palin

“Your fight to keep polar bears off the Endangered Species list even though they are threatened by global warming demonstrates your total irresponsibility, your inability to protect or even respect animal life, but it's true that for you, a good animal is a dead one!“

Sir Paul McCartney has called for fans to boycott McDonald's after the fast food chain used an image of the former Beatle in its Liverpool store.

more: Sir Paul McCartney has criticised Gordon Ramsay - calling the TV chef 'stupid'

Ramsay, 41, has angered the ex-Beatle, 66, with his outspoken comments against vegetarians(...)


'Get it up, go vegan,' says Alicia Mayer in poster




USA: Monsanto's intimidation tactics no longer legal

California’s first protections for Farmers from threats of genetic engineering become law


Commission transmits to Council proposal to authorise a GM soybean

The Commission will transmit to the Council a proposal to authorise a genetically modified (GM) soybean after Member States did not endorse it today during a meeting of the Standing Committee on the Food Chain and Animal Health (SCoFCAH).


USA: Bayer Avoided Class Actions, Faces 1,200 Rice Suits

Bayer AG's defeat of a bid by U.S. rice farmers to sue the company as a group doesn't end the matter. The German producer of genetically altered seeds still faces 1,200 individual claims of crop contamination........



Documentaries – Podcast - Videos

'Meat the Truth' - Warm reception for Dutch climate change film in Hollywood

Meat the Truth, the Dutch climate change film presented by Marianne Thieme, has been warmly received in Hollywood.


CIWF: New film released on eve of OIE conference shows animals suffering as OIE guidelines are ignored

News Release


MoJo Audio: PETA Co-Founder and President Ingrid Newkirk

Mother Jones podcast--- >. Ingrid Newkirk is the president and co-founder of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals [PETA], the world's largest animal rights organization….


Video: 20.000-40.000 litres of water to produce 1 kg of beef

Scientists have calculated that we would actually save more water by forgoing one pound of beef, or four hamburgers, than by not showering for at least six months.


Croatia: Animals Die On Croatian Roads – Video

Animal Friends association protested in downtown Zagreb to point to the suffering animals go through during transport.




Seeking submissions for 'American Stories about Global Warming'

Information sent by 'Mother Jones'



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