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New report reveals massive water inequity between tourism and locals

July 9, 2012

A report launched today (09/07/2012) by Tourism Concern reveals the stark inequities of water access and consumption between tourist resorts and local people in developing countries. Water Equity in Tourism – A Human Right, A Global Responsibility, demands concerted action by governments and the tourism sector to protect community water rights over tourist luxury.

Featuring research from Bali, The Gambia, Zanzibar, and Goa and Kerala, south India, the report finds that the unsustainable appropriation, depletion and pollution of water by poorly regulated tourism are threatening the environment, while undermining living standards, livelihoods and development opportunities of impoverished local communities.

These communities often remain excluded from the benefits of tourism, but also include small businesses trying to earn a living from the sector in a context where government policies tend to favour international hotels and tour operators over local entrepreneurs. This scenario is leading to social conflict and resentment, while threatening the sustainability of the tourism sector itself...

Source: New report reveals massive water inequity between tourism and locals
Author: Tourism Concern

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Date: 2012-07-10


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