European Vegetarian Union

written/translated by: Ciarán Reilly

Issue 3 - 2003

Articles in this issue:

A vegetarian way of life can lead to the alleviation of World Hunger

Vegetarian Festival in Turkey, 21-27 June 2003
Study: Animal Fats Linked with Breast Cancer
Take an austere way of eating, add masterful chefs.
News from our Member Societies
Farmed Salmon Heavy in Chemicals,Group Says
Amazon Destruction Jumps, Shocks Environmentalists
Phuket Vegetarian Festival: September 26 - October 5, 2003
The China Bear Rescue - Saving bears and promoting the humane alternatives to bile
Low-Glycemic-Index Foods Improve Diabetes Control
Fast food faces up to changing tastes
Diet May Cut Cholesterol As Much As Drugs Do
The Truth of Faking (About the Mental Effort to be Socially Intelligent)
European Union – Press Releases
Codex Alimentarius Commission adopts more than 50 new food standards
Animals seeking happiness
Summer Treat: Ice Cream 'Isn't Health Food' -Study


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