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written/translated by: Erica Kalika Bloechlinger

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School talks about Animal Rights and Ethics in Switzerland

(A Short summary and alternative proposals)

Our Foundation specializes in giving talks on animal rights, ethics and prevention of violence in schools and other learning institutions. For this purpose we regularly recruit and train motivated and talented vegetarians in the German part of Switzerland. Once trained, all these mobile speakers contact and visit schools autonomously in their own region and regularly report about their schedules and activities to the foundation. These professional school speakers work quite individually but on the basis of the same educational materials which the foundation has especially produced for this purpose. We use a great variety of presentation methods which are all adapted to the age of the young people. Besides, we also organize and coach groups such as “kids for animals” or similar. Most of our approaches are very similar to those suggested by Shabari Monica Saha.

Other than in Great Britain, our professional school visitors are paid for their teaching activities. Furthermore, they are obliged to regularly meet for up-to-date training, psychological approaches to the issues and exchanging experiences in order to optimize their teaching ability. In Switzerland it is very difficult to find capable vegetarians who are financially independent enough to be able to work on a voluntary basis.

A worthwhile alternative to Shabari Monica Saha’s excellent and very detailed proposals would be the following:
One or two large organizations in Great Britain (or in any other country) could specialize in training school speakers on a high professional level. If no such organization is ready to do so, a group of motivated vegetarians could set off such a training institution. Once trained, these professionals would then have the following four alternatives:

We fully agree with Shabari Monica Saha, that no other ways or means in the animal protection scene can change the future so rapidly and radically as taking the message to the young people. The young are sick and tired of terror, wars and violence and they are unconsciously yearning for a better world. The earlier we let them know that the world of tomorrow will belong to them and that they will have the power to influence and change matters on this earth, the better. The young people of today must fully understand that they are the ones who will have the choice between continuing abusing and exploiting the earth and its creatures or banning violence from the face of the earth and live in harmony and respect with all other beings.

If any other country or organization is interested in our model, we will be pleased to share our experience with them and help setting up a similar institution. Please contact us at the above address or directly by E-mail:

Erica Kalika Bloechlinger


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