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It's a veggie world

'UTOPIA TODAY - REALITY TOMORROW - A vegetarian world'

The European Vegetarian Union is happy to announce that the book is now available!

Thirty five authors - nutritionists, medical doctors, authors of bestsellers, founders of important organizations, researchers, IT-specialists, philosophers, sci-fi fans, musicians and talented individuals - generously contributed to this EVU fundraiser project. The authors come from a variety of countries, cultural backgrounds and religions but they all have one thing in common: the conviction that a more compassionate world is not only possible but inevitable if humanity is to prosper.

The authors share their individual ideas of how tomorrow's vegetarian world will be, whilst looking at a more compassionate future from many different angles. The result is a cocktail of good vibes, light and hopes. Yes, it is true. Vegetarians are still a minority today. But WHAT a minority!

We have become a social group to be reckoned with, also at an international level. What better proof is there than the increasing effort by the food industry to accommodate our preferences? The veggie-market is not booming without good reason!

If you are interested in seeing what people expect from a future vegetarian world, you can order the book from the EVU, Bahnhofstr. 52, CH-9315 Neukirch-Egnach, via Amazon or through a book shop.


Renato Pichler
President of the EVU

136 pages, 35 authors from 11 countries, ISBN 3-909067-05-0, this book is available in English only (translations are planned).

or: Download the orderform: PDF or Word-doc.

In the U.S., the book can also be ordered from

List of the authors:

Arnal, Muriel - ONE VOICE (France): ‘It is what being vegetarian is all about: caring for others.’

Barnard, Neal D. M.D., President Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (USA): ‘A vegetarian diet has the potential to revolutionize the health of humanity.’

Bekoff, Marc, Professor of Biology (USA): ‘Shame on those who bring so much pain and suffering to countless animals, too many to count. Shame on you.’

Buist, Agnes, EVU member (UK): ‘A vegetarian world ... this will be a real step forward for humanity.’

De Leo, Sigrid, teacher and former Hon.Secretary General of EVU (Switzerland):  ‘Vegetarian nutrition is the diet of the 21st century’

Eck, Stefan Bernhard/Director of ArbeitsKreis Tierrechte & Ethik – A.K.T.E.
and Hohensee, Barbara Assistant Director of A.K.T.E. (Germany): ‘Necessary thought patterns: transcendent, international, universal’

Fox, Tina, Chief Executive of the Vegetarian Society UK: ‘In the future I expect to see meat eaters having to justify their aberrant and anti social behaviour on late night talk shows.’

Ganjavi, Reza, musician and philosopher (Switzerland): ‘Let’s minimize killing and suffering’

Hebbelinck, Marcel, Prof.em., PhD, Dr.h.c., FACSM,  former President EVU (Belgium): ‘Vegetarians: People of the future’

Hershaft, Alex has launched the Great American Meatout and World Farm Animals Day (USA): ‘The most striking aspect of vegetarian utopia is that it will not be very striking at all’

Hertel, Frauke, freelance copywriter and translator (Belgium), quotes a voice from the future: ‘The veg*n argument was won several decades ago, by default rather than by choice.’

Jain, Permit Chand , EVU member and correspondent for India: ‘The importance of AHIMSA’

Kaufman, Stephen M.D., Co-chair, Christian Vegetarian Association (USA):‘I think that a largely vegetarian world is almost inevitable.’

Koerner, Heinz, bestseller author, and Boehm, Alexandra (Germany) quote a teacher from the future: “Let’s be happy that we are no longer barbarians and that we finally see animals as our friends. Let’s be glad that animals also greet us as friends again.’

Leitzmann, Claus, Professor (Germany): ‘Wholesome vegetarian diets offer distinct advantages regarding physical and mental health and well-being’

Méry, André, President of Alliance Végétarienne France:  ‘The vegetarian utopia is about individuals, their sensitivity, their desire to avoid suffering, and the satisfaction of their needs so as to lead a decent life.’

Murthy, Vasudev, author, musician and scientist (India) writes about the ‘Universal Declaration of Equality of Species’

Newkirk, Ingrid, founder and President of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (USA) tells about the ‘Abattoir Remembrance Museum opening its doors’.

Ovetz, Robert, PhD is Save the Leatherback Campaign Coordinator with the US based Sea Turtle Restoration Project: ‘History of the future: The talking ocean’

Pedersen, Helena, Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Education, and Dian, Natalie organization consultant (Sweden) speak about the ‘final end to unethical factory farming and animal transport.’

Pichler, Renato (Switzerland) leads the Swiss Union for Vegetarianism (SVV) and is the President of the EVU: ‘Flashback from the future - Today we have almost forgotten the era when, day after day, millions of animals were killed.’

Reilly, Ciaran works in information technology and is a member of the EVU webcrew (Ireland). He talks about the end to the ‘consumption of meat and freeing billions of animals from the prospect of a short, brutal life.’

Rinaldi, Massimo, computer programmer (Italy): ‘What would the world be like without meat?’

Risi, Armin, philosopher, esoteric theologian, author (Switzerland): ‘The spiritual origin of mankind - Human beings did not always eat meat!’

Ruetting, Barbara, EVU honorary board member, actress, author, health consultant and member of the Bavarian State Parliament (Germany): ‘Go veg to heal the Earth?’

Thomas Schoenberger is the President of the Vegetarier Bund Deutschlands e.V. (Germany) : ‘A journey to 2040’

Schwartz, Richard H., Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, author, President of the Jewish Vegetarians of North America (JVNA) (USA): ‘Imagining a vegan world’

Spencer, Elsa, Ph.D. (USA):  'A minority in a McWorld: What can vegetarians do?'

Tanabe, Lydia, working at the German cultural institute in Tokyo and freelance translator, talks about ‘Japan – back to the roots’

Vandenbosch, Michel, President and co-founder of GAIA (Belgium): ‘Why I don’t eat meat -  The importance of empathic sensitivity and ethical kinship beyond the human species’

Wardle, Tony, journalist and associate director of animal campaign group Viva! (UK): ‘Future vegetarians will need to be brave, knowledgeable and committed’

Witten, Ilona, writer and translator (Italy/Germany): ‘Time to change – from animal awareness to animal friendly behaviour!’

Comments and opinions :

Congratulations for the book.


-Mit Veröffentlichungen dieser Art kann man sicher Menschen (auch Nichtvegetarier) erreichen, die sich sonst mit dieser Thematik noch nicht befaßt haben. Ich könnten mir vorstellen, dass eine neue Schrift dieser Art so alle zwei Jahre erheblich zur Schließung der bestehenden Wissenslücken beitragen kann. Also weiter so, bzw. regelmäßig den interessierten Leser mit Informationen bedenken...

-Amazon *) Kundenrezension
-Hier geben 35 internationale Vegetarier aus ganz verschiedenen Bereichen wie Ernährungsberater, Ärzte, Vertreter bedeutender Organisationen, Hoffnungen und Ideen für eine vegetarische Zukunft weiter. Geniessen Sie den Ausblick und unterstützen Sie dadurch das lobenswerte Fund-Raiser Projekt der Europäischen Vegetarier-Union!


--Thank you for the information. I am certainly very happy to see that there is such a thing as a European Vegetarian Union. I however believe that the world is increasingly becoming non-vegetarian and the suffering of animals is increasing by the day on a mind-boggling scale. The issues behind all this are several and complex too. Feeding human beings is a serious affair that no country in the world has even started tackling with an integrated, holistic mindset, which I think is absolutely necessary in order to see some of the horrors both among the human and the animal population eliminated.

-- Thanks a lot. While reading the book I felt like a student of secondary class and going through the subject of moral education. My whole family is busy reading the book for the last 40 hours turn by turn. The book can prove to be good companion for frequent travellers. The book will give boost to vegetarianism and love for animals.
How nice it could be if the book becomes a part of education somewhere prescribed by the education board. Credit goes to EVU.

-I'm really happy to hear about the book you mentioned! I'll order it to my book shop immediately! Thank you for the information.

-......We must be on the direction to that place.


-Thank you . Great job !!!!

-That was really a good idea. The book shows that our minority is quite strong - and growing! Let us hope that this book will reach people beyond our own lines, too!

- I got the book - it is really excellent - thank you so much for all your work.

-I got one copy of the book today - thanks - it is *great* - all best wishes and thanks for organizing this important volume.

- Book received ??? a very good contribution to vegetarian literature.

-Yes, it is good to have such optimistic material. Let us hope it will be well read.

- This seems like an excellent candidate to use as part of our student outreach programs....This is just excellent.

-Veggie Global

-Ahimsa Times



-Vasudev Murthy


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