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written/translated by: Christian W.

Vegetarian Starter Kit FrontpageYour guide for a smooth beginning

It's all here. Learn about the power of a plant-food diet for fighting disease and maintaining a healthy weight. Get the facts on vegan diets for pregnant women, babies, and children. Try delicious sample recipes. Debunk common myths. And make friends with the New Four Food Groups!

Chapter list:
1. Vegetarian food 8. Cooking without eggs
2. The 3-step way 9. The New Four Food Groups
3. Tips for switching 10. The Diet during Pregnancy
4. Prothein myth 11. The Diet for Children
5. Calcium 12. Recipes for health
6. What about milk? 13. List of products
7. Sample menus

Provided by EVU in co-operation with
Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM).


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