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written/translated by: Renato Pichler

EVU-talks 2009:

«Vegetarian Solutions for a Sustainable Environment»


Thursday 30.4.2009


Friday 1.5.2009

9.00 Breakfast

10.00 Introduction to the vegetarian situation in Croatia
Information about the vegetarian movement in Croatia. Presented from the International Campaigns Coordinators from Animal Friends Croatia: Anita Euschen.

10.30 Lectures / workshops
Shabari Monica Saha of EVU will be doing an interactive workshop on "Let's Eat Our Way to a Sustainable Future".

12.00 Lunch

14.00 Lectures/ workshops
Introduction to the EVU-talks-topic with presentation from the EVU-president Renato Pichler

Francesco Maurelli of TEVA will give a presentation on "Sustainable environment: a photograph of Italy."
In this talk the current situation about sustainable environment in Italy will be addressed, in relation to diet, transportation and energy.

19.00 Dinner at Feng Shui

Saturday 2.5.2009

9.00 Breakfast

10.00 Lectures/ workshops
Presentation/workshop from Sebastian Zösch (German Vegetarian Union): Improving cooperation and learning from the best. What can we learn from the most successful vegetarian societies in Europe?

11.30 Presentation
Francesco Maurelli will talk about "Polish-Esperanto Vegetarian Symposium: an international event in Białystok"
This talk will present the symposium which will be held in Białystok, Poland, on July 25, with speakers in Esperanto and in Polish. Connections between the vegetarian and the Esperanto organizations will be also highlighted.

12.00 Lunch

14.00 Excursion to the first Farm Sanctuary Kostanj in Croatia

17.30 EVU-Annual General Meeting (free time for non EVU-members)

19.00 Presentation of the EVU and the international V-Label-project

19.40 Short lecture about the advantages of the vegetarian and vegan diet (with some vegan snacks)

20.00 Projection of the film: "Meat the truth"

21.30 Dinner at Maharadja

Sunday 3.5.2009

9.00 Breakfast


The venue:

Centar za ljudska prava (Human Rights Center)
Kralja Drzislava 6
10000 Zagreb

picture of the venue and route description.




Hotel Dora

Trnjanska 11e

10000 Zagreb

Hrvatska / Croatia

Tel. ( 385 ) 1 63 11 900

Fax.( 385 ) 1 63 11 909

route description and photos



Online registration form - Invitation and Registration for snail-mail (pdf)


How to get to Zagreb:

Zagreb can be reached by plane through Wizzair and Germanwings. You can also get to Zagreb by train (see map Zagreb, Glavni Kolodvor - main train station) or coach directly from any of the major towns in Europe.

For traveling by car you can find maps and route descriptions at common routing planners e.g. Google Maps or Via Michelin


From the airport a bus goes to Zagreb regularly.

The price for the bus ticket is 30 kn that is app. 4 EUR.

From the airport to Zagreb it takes 25 minutes. The last bus stop is on the Main bus station (see this map) and is only a short walk to the hotel.



On May 2nd 2009 in the afternoon we invite you to visit the first Farm Sanctuary in Croatia in the afternoon, the Sanctuary Kostanj. We would leave from the venue at 14.00 and return by 17.30. The price for the excursion is 15 Euros if you book in advance, and 18 Euros if you decide to join us when your are in Zagreb.


If you need a visa for visting Croatia, please contact Anita Euschen at for assistance to receive an invitation letter.


Thank you!

Anita Euschen


Contact information

Anita Euschen
Int. Campaigns Coordinators
Animal Friends Croatia
Skype: pita_afc
Mobile: +385 91 521 4339


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