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Dear Sirs,

Report on Cool Farming: Climate Change impacts of agriculture and mitigation potential

We, at the European Vegetarian Union, have seen your report on Cool Farming and would first of all like to congratulate you on producing such a detailed report about the huge impact of animal agriculture on the environment, and on highlighting that a vegetarian diet has much less impact on the environment.

However, we also think that it would also be good if you could formulate an official policy regarding vegetarianism. At the moment it appears that there is a huge dissonance between Greenpeace organizations in different countries with regards to mentioning the impact of animal agriculture on the environment and that a vegetarian diet is better for the environment. For example, Greenpeace Switzerland will not mention the word vegetarian at all. We feel that it is important that all Greenpeace organizations worldwide should be in line with Greenpeace International on the issue of vegetarianism. Therefore, having a clear policy about this would enable Greenpeace organizations throughout the world to implement the policy at a local and national level.

Yours faithfully,

The European Vegetarian Union Board




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