European Vegetarian Union

written/translated by: Georgia Blackwell

The European Vegetarian Union (EVU)

See also the EVU's Memorandum of Association and Bylaws.

It is undeniable: the general interest in a vegetarian lifestyle is gathering momentum everywhere. A variety of reasons contribute to this development, including health concerns fuelled by neverending food scandals, reflections on world hunger, compassion for animals and ecological considerations.

At a time when lifestyles and shopping decisions are changing continually, it is especially important to provide people with reliable information and support and encourage them in making the change to a vegetarian way of life. The EVU aims to do just that.

EVU’s role

The EVU is an umbrella organisation for vegetarian societies and groups in Europe.

The main activities of the EVU are:

Based on the EVU's existing communication network, rich set of international contacts and comprehensive collection of data, the following steps in promoting the vegetarian lifestyle are envisaged:

Since more can be achieved through cooperation, the EVU's priority for the future will be to build an even stronger network touching on all vegetarian issues within Europe.

Contacts with other organisations

The EVU aims to support vegetarian organisations across Europe and bring them closer together. This is especially important in countries where the vegetarian philosophy has not yet had a chance to develop.

The connection between the various member societies is promoted through the EVU magazine "European Vegetarian". This is produced twice a year and reports on events, news, trends, developments, initiatives and activities that are of interest to vegetarians.

Also very important are the opportunities for vegetarians from all over Europe to meet in person and be able to exchange ideas and information, offer each other help and build links with other organisations. International meetings and events, where the latest developments and findings can be discussed in lectures and working groups, serve this purpose well. In future, EVU seminars should aid further learning, enabling active members to be trained in specific topics of interest.

Through membership of the International Vegetarian Union (IVU), the EVU is in contact with the international vegetarian community.

EVU receives regular information and alerts from the most important international organisations and media companies, which allows for a close monitoring of important international economic, political and social developments.

EVU’s Background

During the first European Vegetarian Congress in Cervia, Italy, the idea of uniting European vegetarians was formed into a concrete plan. In December 1985, representatives from seven European vegetarian societies met in Brussels to find ways and means of cooperation. From this, the EVU was founded.

The Union was officially registered in Hilversum/The Netherlands in 1988. In 2010 the EVU was reestablished in Kaiserlautern/Germany.

The Secretariat is in Switzerland.

The official language of the EVU is English.

Join the Club

As a result of perseverance and dedication, the EVU has become a successful vegetarian Union with about 200 members from more than 30 countries who all share one common goal: a world without slaughter but with respect for life in all its forms.

The EVU is dependant upon volunteers for its work. Because the Union is taking on a growing scope of activities, the workload for the individual is increasing at the same time.

If you share our philosophy and priorities, we would like to invite you to join us. All help is welcome! Even if you can only work for us a few hours per month, this involvement can already make a huge difference to our success. There is a comprehensive list of activities to choose from, so you are sure to find a task that is to your personal liking.

Because of the EVU’s quest for independence, the only income stems from membership fees and donations: All financial support is therefore very welcome!

For further details, please contact the EVU Secretariat


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