Europäische Vegetarier Union


Policy Paper

The EVU is an umbrella organisation for vegetarian societies and groups in Europe.

A. The main activities of the EVU are:
To support and represent member societies on a European level, and to offer a platform for close cooperation;
To raise public awareness of, and promote vegetarianism, vegetarian issues and the benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle;
To lobby governments, European institutions and organisations for greater recognition of vegetarian issues in policy decisions; and
To further promote the successful V-label scheme, in the interest of all vegetarian and vegan consumers across Europe.

B. Based on the EVU's existing communication network, rich set of international contacts and comprehensive collection of data, the following further steps in promoting the vegetarian lifestyle are envisaged:
To intensify cooperation with member organisations and support their work at a international level, if asked;
To facilitate communication and the sharing of resources between all member societies;
To lay the foundations for solid lobbying within the European Union environment;
To build up an archive of scientific texts in several languages for the benefit of all interested groups and individuals; and
To keep the public informed via press releases and a system of information tools (newsletters and mailing lists).

C. Since more can be achieved through cooperation, the EVU's priority for the future will be to build an even stronger network touching on all vegetarian issues within Europe.

April 2006


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