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1-20 July 2012 - Switzerland

Zurich - Eating Tomorrow - rethinking the world food system

With the summer school 2012, the ETH Zurich wants to introduce innovative and sustainable approaches to secure our global food supply and find new ways of confronting the mayor challenges associated with food security. For three weeks, the ETH Zurich will create an environment in which interdisciplinary and international teams can work together with industry partners to create solutions for concrete case studies.

Important learning goals are to:

understand the global food system, the inter-linkages, complexities, key players and key challenge

comprehend the social, political and economic aspects of the food system and the major challenges associated

work out the major environmental drivers behind the global food challenges

know the social and environmental challenges of food security and potential solutions to ensure it to understand the social and environmental impacts of our current global food system

learn working in interdisciplinary and intercultural teams

apply creative technologies in solution finding processes

get hand‘s on experience by applying knowledge in real life case studies

A global Challenge...

Source: Eating Tomorrow - rethinking the world food system
Author: ETH

Date: 2012-07-20


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