The EVU 1999 Congress

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Report on Swiss TV
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"Ovo-Lacto Vegetarians, Lacto-Vegetarians, Vegans - it's about them on the 7th European Vegetarian Congress."

"From twenty-seven nations the attenders and speakers came."

"But however diversive their origins may be, they all agree in one point: They don't eat meat."

"Vegetarianism is widely accepted, almost fashionable. Nobody has to be embarassed anymore being a vegetarian."

"Ten years back it used to be pretty difficult getting vegetarian food in restaurants. But nowadays I can simply enter any restaurant and enquire about their vegetarian menues."

"For people opting for a meatless diet plenty of information is now available."

"A new label will provide clearer information to consumers."

"The 'V'-Label guarantess for every product to be free of contents derived from dead animals."

"These tasty items consist of purely plant based products."

"And even the last meat eater on the congress is 'tricked' by them!"

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