European Vegetarian Union


Issue 2/99

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The 7th EVU Congress

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Dear Readers, Dear Friends,

First of all I would like to welcome all the more than 30 new members who decided to join the EVU on occasion of the 7th EVU Congress in Widnau. They will now get the EVU News regularly and will also benefit in future from special arrangements which the EVU will offer.

The EVU Congress Widnau has already borne fruit as several new events have been combined and a lot of promising contacts have been established.This is the second edition of the EVU magazine in 1999 and the first after the Widnau Congress. If you took part in the meeting I hope you will remember the event with pleasure despite the "incident in the dining hall" as a guest from Israel put it. If you were not among the participants you may like to read about it in several articles which each give a different point of view.

This EVU News is again more voluminous than the usual ones, which we hope makes up for a one missing in July. The organisation of the congress took all our time and energy and I apologise for not having been able to edit the EVU News regularly as usual. The first week of August I spent in Malta, (my first short holidays afin two years) a beautiful Mediterranean island south of Sicily where I met the sympathetic organisers of the Mediterranean Vegetarian Festival. It looks like it will be a wonderful event on the small island of sunshine and blue sea! After going to print we got the sad news that Karl Richli, one of the most convinced and convincing promoters of vegetarianism in Switzerland, had passed away. The vegetarian movement has lost a great campaigner and the EVU a generous benefactor. (see page 26)In December there are two events which might attract your attention: The traditional "New Year's Eve Party" organised by the Vegetarier Bund Deutschland, and another event on new year's eve: The First EVIVA New Year's Eve Run/Meeting for Raw Fooders and interested people (For both events see Agenda).

Hoping that you again will enjoy reading the EVU News I send my best wishes from Widnau,

Sigrid De Leo (SDL)

Honorary Secretary of the EVU

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Sigrid De Leo (SDL)
Hon. Secretary of the EVU