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4/98 - 1/99

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50 years of Human Rights - 20 years of Animal Rights

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Dear Readers, dear Friends,

Some of the EVU readers will have been in Thailand to attend the IVU Congress. The views I heard of the event ranged from 'super' to 'catastrophical'. As I could not take part for professional reasons I am unable to give you a personal impression of the event. In the next issue of the EVU News there will be a comprehensive report by a congress participant. The Jewish Vegetarian Society (JVS) has tried for many years already to launch a Universal Vegetarian Symbol. The time has come for such a sign, therefore the EVU is seconding and supporting the efforts of the JVS. We count on your help too! Please read about it on page 18. In this issue you can also read about the very successful campaigners: Barbara Rütting and Juliet Gellately, founder of 'Viva!', some news from Turkey, Finland, Austria, Sweden, and Indonesia, about Jewish Vegetarians who urge Rabbis to rethink Jewish diets and about a free email course on Judaism and vegetarianism. Most of all I would like to draw your attention though to the EVU Congress '99 which will take place in July in Switzerland. If you are not yet among the many people who registered already, you should do so very soon to make sure that your place is reserved! I hope you agree that the preliminary programme looks very inviting. We try very hard to organise an interesting and pleasant event which you will enjoy from every point of view! Looking forward to meeting you soon, and hoping that you will enjoy reading this issue of the EVU News I send you best wishes.

Best wishes from Switzerland

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Sigrid De Leo (SDL)
Hon. Secretary of the EVU