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Email Course On Judaism And Vegetarianism

from EVU News, Issue 4/1998 and 1/1999

Professor Richard Schwartz will be giving a free course on Judaism and Vegetarianism" using email, starting the first week in March, 1999, for ten weeks.

The course outline is:

Judaism And Vegetarianism

  1. A Vegetarian View of the Torah
  2. Judaism, Vegetarianism, and Helth
  3. Judaism, Vegetarianism, and Ani-mals
  4. Judaism, Vegetarianism, and Ecology
  5. Judaism, Vegetarianism, and Hunger
  6. Judaism, Vegetarianism, and Peace
  7. Vegetarian Connections to Jewish Holidays
  8. Involving the Jewish Community re Vegetarianism
  9. Related Issues Fur, Vivisection
  10. Summary; Next Steps; Responses to Questions.

Richard Schwartz is the author of Judaism and Vegetarianism and Judaism and Global Survival and over 70 vegetarian-related articles and book reviews on the internet at the Virtual Yeshiva." He recently led a campaign to get material on Judaism and vegetarianism to over 3,500 North American congregational rabbis.

Each week material on the topic of the week will be sent out to each registered participant.

While the focus of the course is Judaism and Vegetarianism", participants will gain knowledge of basic Jewish teachings and general information related to animals, health and nutrition, ecology, resource usage, and hunger, as well as information about Jewish festivals.

It is hoped that some of the graduates" will speak in their local areas and perhaps that a Speakers' bureau" will be set up to help spread the Jewish vegetarian message throughout the US and beyond. All questions that come up will be seriously considered and discussed. If necessary, there will be consultations with rabbis and reviews of internet resources and other sources to get the most complete picture possible.

To register, people should contact Richard Schwartz at:

Professor Schwartz
Professor Mathematics
College of Staten Island
2800 Victory Boulevard
Staten Island
NY 10314
phone: (718) 982-3621
fax: (718) 982-3631
e-mail address:

Schwartz is Author of 'Judaism and Vegetarianism', 'Judaism and Global Survival', and 'Mathematics and Global Survival'.

Patron of the International Jewish Vegetarian Society.

His articles on Judaism and Vegetarianism are on the internet at (in the "Rebbes" section), and at

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