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EVU Congress 99 News

from EVU News, Issue 3 /1998

Welcome to Widnau!

Sigrid De Leo
There is great interest and many people have already registered for the EVU Congress in July '99 in Widnau/ Switzerland.
[IMAGE: Congress Site]
The Congress Site
Speakers update: I am glad to tell you that Dr. Hans Diehl (Enthusiastic lecturer at the IVU congress 94, The Hague) will attend the congress together with his wife. There is also the confirmation of Seargent Sherry Schlueter, vegan, sporty and attractive head of an entire police detective unit in Florida, called the 'animal friendly force'. She will report about her experiences with animal abusers. Dr. Bernd Wirsam, Germany will lecture on optimised food. With modern mathematics (fuzzy logic) and modern technology state institutions work out their recommendations. Dr. Wirsam, vegetarian, is a computer specialist and a software producer.

TEVA (Tutmonda Esperantista Vegetarana Asocio) offers every interested person a free course of basic ESPERANTO during the congress. Why not take advantage of such a generous offer? Maybe the language problems would diminish if all of us could understand and speak some ESPERANTO.

[IMAGE: Congress Logo] Please have a look at the congress site where you will find all updated information about the EVU Congress Widnau '99 or ask for flyer and registration form at:

EVU secretariat
Bluetschwitzerweg 5
9443 Widnau
Tel/Fax: +41 71 722 64 45