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Issue 3 - Numero 3 - Ausgabe 3 - Número 3 - Numéro 3 / 1998

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The 1999 EVU Congress is coming closer!

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Dear Readers, dear Friends,

This issue of the EVU News contains some very sad news. Three vegetarian/ vegan activists passed away: Dr. Gordon Latto, Prof. Yury Nickolayew and Dr. Charles Attwood. You can read about there lives, there struggle for a better world for us and our children.

Charles Attwood was not only a beloved paediatrician but also author and lecturer. Several of his articles have already been published in the EVU News and especially the article: 'Milk, Calcium and Bone Density A Catsch-22' (EVU News 4/969) has gone around the world as he told me.

Charles Attwood convinced and assisted world famous doctor Benjamin Spock (Spock died in March '98 at the age of 94) to rewrite 'Dr. Spock's Baby and Child Care'. In the seventh and final edition of his book Benjamin Spock recommends a plant based diet both for children and adults. He no longer recommends dairy products after the age of two years because research and clinical experience have forced doctors and nutritionists to rethink the recommendation.

These are reasons for celebration: lifelong vegan Kathleen Keleny is 90 years old and tells us about the beginnings of 'health food' in England, vegetarian Natascha Badman (Swiss) won as first European woman the Hawaii Triathlon and another 'Ironlady' Dr. Ruth Heidrich writes how she managed to regain fitness after an accident.

Best wishes from Switzerland

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Sigrid De Leo (SDL)
Hon. Secretary of the EVU