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Issue 1 - Numero 1 - Ausgabe 1 - Número 1 - Numéro 1 / 1998

50th Anniversary of Gandhi’s Death
Gandhi with a granddaughter and a niece.

image: Sigrid Editorial

Dear Readers, dear Friends,

A Vegan settlement in Siberia, who could have imagined such a thing! You can read about it in this issue thanks to the report of EVU’s board member Dr. Irina Medkova.

January 30, 1998 was the 50th anniversary of Gandhi’s death. To honour this great politician, educator, philanthropist and vegetarian, whose credo was love to all creatures, the way of truth and non violence, there are 3 articles which recall his life and his way of thinking. Gandhi’s vegetarianism is generally not known to the world.

If students at school were taught that many of the great figures in history were vegetarians, a lot of young people would probably also stop eating animals!

Thanks go to two member societies, TEVA (The Esperantist Vegetarian Movement) and the Vegetarian Society of Ireland for letting us take part in the celebration of their anniversaries.

Indian scientists have developed a new theory about the Etiology of earthquakes. I think it is very interesting to read about it. Would slaughterhouses disappear if their theory could be proved?

Hoping that you will find interesting topics to read about in this edition of the EVU News I send you best wishes from Switzerland, where the next EVU Congress will take place in July 1999!

Sigrid De Leo (SDL)
Hon. Secretary of the EVU

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