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Trees To Soothe Our Souls
According to American scientists, trees have a soothing effect on people and prevent violence. Looking at trees actually lowers blood pressure. According to psychologist Frances Kuo and landscape architect William Sullivan of the University of Illinois, people whose houses are surrounded by trees and grass are calmer and show better social behavior than those who live in areas without plants. In a four-year study, the scientists questioned more than 200 Chicago women on the subject. The scientists claim to have established a clear connection between the presence of trees and safety. 22% of women living in treeless areas said they had been involved in or the victim of violence, whereas only 13% of women in areas with many plants made this claim. "Like any aesthetic object, trees have a measurable effect on human behavior: the pulse rate improves and blood pressure is lowered."

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Dear Readers, dear Friends,

Looking back, the past year has most of all been characterised by a growing interest in the vegetarian way of living. Plant food is becoming more and more popular and a lot of people who still eat meat consider it possible and even desirable to adopt this life-style.

After my bicycle tour with Arne Wingquist through Sweden eating only raw food, a lot of people tried the same diet and were amazed how positive its effects are on their general well-being. Read also the report about Living Food of one of our Finish member societies. The nutritional evaluation of the sporty event by Prof. Hebbelinck will be published as soon as possible. Marcel Hebbelinck is the new President of the EVU by the way and there are more details about the changes on the EVU Council.

The elections took place before the beginning of the EVU Congress in Italy. Beautiful weather, delicious Mediterranean food and nice company seem to have characterised the vegetarian meeting in Bussolengo. As I was unable to take part on account of work commitments you can read about the event in two articles written by two participants from Germany and from distant India.

We must not underestimate news like Ironman of Hawaii won by a German Vegetarian! Every teacher knows that a good example is the best way to teach and convince!.

Theory and practise were well mixed in the 3 day ‘Seminar for physicians, health professionals and interested people’ in Morschach, Lake Lucerne. There will be a report about the seminar in the next issue.

A few weeks ago I got an inquiry from a German Institute for Market Research, asking for information about the tendencies in eating habits of the people in western Europe and whether the ‘vegetarian wave will continue to grow’. The survey was ordered by 5 big meat providers in order to derive parameters for success of ‘meat alternatives’ and vegetarian products in the market and ‘to establish forecasts up to the year 2005 by country and product groups/sectors’.

With this good news finally that traditional meat caterers are becoming interested in meat substitutes and vegetarian products I would like to send you best wishes for CHRISTMAS and the coming NEW YEAR

Sigrid De Leo (SDL)
Hon. Secretary of the EVU

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