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2/3 - 2000

Interview with Gabriel Schenkenbach
Successful Model

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Dear Readers, dear Friends,

For several reasons, mostly because of lack of time, (the EVU office work is increasing steadily) there is a double issue (3/4) of the 'European Vegetarian'. Thanks for your understanding. I trust that you'll read the magazine with interest.
You may find articles of different subjects.
Meatless body building? Is it possible? New approaches to be read.
Some affiliated societies wrote about experiences, like vegetarian marriages, or work, like promoting the V-Label. I would like to emphasise, that reports from member societies are always welcome!
Gabriela Schenkenbach, attractive model, whom I came to know at the 7th EVU Congress in Widnau last year, tells "EV" readers about her life as a vegetarian. This brings me to the next EVU congress which will be in Istanbul/Turkey. At the end of July I went to Turkey and met with the local organisers. It looks like it's going to be a wonderful event! See a first review on page ???
The Toronto IVU congress seems to have been a great success. Unfortunately the event was rather expensive especially for Europeans and not many could take part. EVU board member, Barbara Rütting shared her impressions.
Last but not least I would like to remind you of the importance of membership fees for the EVU. Please renew your membership if you haven't already done!
Thanks for your collaboration and best wishes from Widnau

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Sigrid De Leo (SDL)
Hon. Secretary of the EVU
  1. Imprint
  2. Agenda - see Events
  3. Report about IVU Congress in Toronto
  4. Vegetarian Marriage in Moscow
  5. Vegetarianism in Russian Life and Literature (sfj)
  6. Violence of Human Beings (sfj)
  7. Teacher Said / Question
  8. Interview Gabriel Schenkenbach
  9. Body Buildung - Meatless Muscle
  10. Responibility of Christians towards Animals
  11. The hundredth Monkey (sfj)
  12. Animal Experimentation: Is it Science? (sjf)
  13. The Future of the Animal Rights Movement
  14. Cellculture Technique: Truely free of Animal Suffering?
  15. Quotation Olumba: Human Animals?
  16. New Books and Magazines
  17. Calling all Vegans - What's your Story?
  18. 8Th EVU Congress - Istanbul 29.9.-5.10. 200