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You can join the EVU as

Full Member with voting rights at the AGM

Full membership is open to any society which advocates vegetarian ideals and whose executive is vested in vegetarians.
Membership fees:  DM 25 up to 150 members
DM 75 up to 650 members
DM 50 per additional 500 members or part thereof up to a maximum annual sum of DM 375. The low initial figure is to help small societies. Donations are always welcome.
Associate Member
Associate membership is open to any society, commission or corporate body which is in sympathy with animal welfare, humanitarian, health or similar relevant objectives. Associate membership carries no voting rights.

Membership fee: DM 40 per annum

Individual Member
Individual members will be kept informed of EVU activities and receive the magazine 'EVU News'. Individual members shall not have voting rights, unless as a delegate representing a member society, but may be elected to office in EVU.

Membership fee: DM 40

Family membership is open to couples and their under-age children.

Membership fee: DM 50

Life membership for individuals
Become a member for the rest of your life - with all the benefits of an individual membership!
DM 425
How to pay your subscription

All subscriptions should be sent to the EVU and cheques (preferably Eurocheques) should be made payable to 'European Vegetarian Union' Hildegund Scholvien. Payments in any currency other than DM (Deutsche mark) should be increased by the equivalent of DM 7.50 to allow for bank charges on conversion.

Members from outside Europe add DM 10 for higher postage rates.

You can send your subscription to the following accounts of the EVU:

  • In the Netherlands
Giroacount no. 2246 354 
Postbank Arnhem
  • In Germany
      Giroaccount Nr. 999 151
      Kreissparkasse Kaiserslautern
      Am Altenhof 12/14
      D-67655 Kaiserslautern
      Clearing Number 540 502 20

Or you can pay cash at the next Annual General Meeting.

The Treasurer's address:

Hildegund Scholvien
Friedhofstraße 12
D-67693 Fischbach
Tel: +49-6305-993108
Fax +49-6305-5256

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  • We're as well happy for donations, of course!